Biofreeze Products

Designed to alleviate pain without prescription medication, Biofreeze is an athlete’s dream, with active menthol to provide fast and effective relief of aches and pains, from minor to severe. In addition to providing pain relief for arthritis sufferers, Biofreeze works quickly to ease all varieties of sore muscles and sprains, penetrating deeply and offering long-lasting results and freedom from pain. Biofreeze alleviates the discomfort of neck and back pain, painful joint problems and muscle strain. It’s also great for use during massage therapy, pre-workout stretching, and rehabilitation exercises.

Biofreeze products come in a variety of convenient application methods, including roll-on dispensers, gel packets, spray and gel, making application fast and easy for any use. For use up to four times a day, Biofreeze is ideal to relieve pain both before and after activity. When used before exercise or activity, Biofreeze will help increase performance level and provide relief for the pain associated with movement, while using Biofreeze after therapy or activity will allow users to soothe muscle and joint soreness.